Sulfur Recovery


PPE designs and builds Amine Plants and a complete range of Sulfur, Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Dioxide Removal Equipment designed for your specific application.


PPE designs and builds all equipment in our own shops in Houston, Texas. We provide a comprehensive review of your application to design the most economical solution for your requirement.


We are virtually the only manufacturer with complete in-house control from design through equipment fabrication, installation and operation while most others are marketing companies selling Amine Plants built by others.


PPE has extensive experience with the design, fabrication, installation and operation of Amine Plants, Claus Plants, Stretford Plants and proprietary processes such as UOP's Merox Process.


The removal of sulfur and carbon dioxide are very important elements in oil and natural gas production operations, natural gas processing, liquified natural gas (LNG) transport, crude oil refining and transportation.


Sulfur in crude oil, natural gas, process gas and natural gas liquids (LNG) may take many forms including hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbonyl sulfide (COS), and the whole family of mercaptans.


Hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide ("sour gas" or "acid gas") can be very destructive to equipment and very harmful to your ability to market high quality products. Once the acid gas is removed and the hydrocarbon stream has been processed, the handling is vastly improved and the value is increased.


In some cases, we may choose to further process the sulfur into simple products such as elemental sulfur or more complex products such as sodium hydrosufide, ammonium bisulfite, sulfuric acid, etc.


For more information on these hydrogen sulfide, sulfur, and carbon dioxide removal processes, just follow the links above. You can also contact us for a quote or to discuss how PPE can economically resolve your process problems.

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Sulfur Recovery Unit

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