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Pressure Swing Absorption

Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) is the industry preferred method to purify hydrogen-rich streams to produce high purity hydrogen product.

Plant Process Equipment has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of hydrogen purification equipment including Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) systems.

PPE can provide Large-Scale (see photo above) or Modular (see photo below) PSA Systems that can be easily shipped to your location.

Our PSA Systems are designed and fabricated in our manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. Depending on the designed capacity of the unit, most equipment can fabricated as modules that can be easily shipped anywhere in the world.

Our PSA Systems are designed so that the major part of the work can be accomplished in our shops in a controlled atmosphere. This helps to greatly improve efficiency and keeps costs low. We do as much of the work in our shops as possible, controlling man hours and material costs through the immediate access afforded by our on-site engineering and design facilities.

Typical Hydrogen Purification System

We are an ASME code manufacturer and in our on-site shops we are able to concentrate on quickly building all of the equipment that must be tested by an ASME inspector. Construction bottlenecks can develop while waiting for ASME testing to be completed. Our construction approach anticipates these issues and improves overall efficiency by avoiding time consuming delays while waiting for the required inspections.

For the largest PSA Systems, some components can be too large to mount on skids and must be shipped separately. Before shipping and while still in our shops, we fit together all of these components directly to the modularized process systems so field assembly is short and efficient.

Let PPE work with you to design and build the hydrogen purification system that meets your requirements on time and on budget.

Just contact us to discuss how PPE can put our experience to work for you.