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Hydrogen Plants

Manufacture and Purification of Hydrogen

PPE builds hydrogen plants designed to produce hydrogen in all capacities and in purities to 99%+.

PPE designs, engineers and fabricates hydrogen plants applying the best available technologies including Steam Methane Reforming, the most commonly utilized process. Steam Methane Reforming converts (or reforms) natural gas into synthesis gas (syngas), a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technology is used to remove the undesireable components of the syngas and upgrade the hydrogen to the purity required for your application. Permeable Membrane technology can also be utilized for applications depending on the purity required.

PPE designs, engineers, and fabricates modular hydrogen plants utilizing skid mounted reformers and large-scale box-type reformers in our manufacturing facilty in Houston to serve any capacity and any purity required for your process.

Hydrogen Plants designed by PPE's highly skilled technical staff are operating successfully today.

Just contact us for more information on how PPE can handle your process problems.

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