Modular Design and Fabrication

Smaller, Better, Faster

Plant Process has specialized in maximizing the use of modular design to reduce overall cost.  The cost savings in modular design are realized by prudent utilization of man-hours within the controlled environment of Plant Process Fabricators’ facilities.  Modular design and critical path scheduling permits optimum use of time and creates the most favorable quality control environment.  Our personnel are able to submit change order revisions, where necessary, without disruptions to work flow.


These modular designs vary with different operating techniques, feed characteristics and plant flow rates.  The modules are integrated to form complete operating units in chemical plants, gas processing plants and refineries.  On small scale projects, single stand-alone modules can be the total operating unit.


Modules can be built to operate with minimum operating personnel.  Modular design emphasizes safety to the personnel, environment and equipment.  These designs allow your plant to operate with minimum down time and can be installed at any location worldwide.


Modular designs are suitable for process units for:

• Ammonia

• Urea

• Methanol

• Hydrogen

• Specialty Processes

• Natural Gas Processing

• LPG/ LNG Pre-Treatment


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