PPE develops one-of-a-kind facilities that solve unique environmental challenges and provide long-term energy solutions. Recent breakthrough projects include a facility that converts farm animal waste into methanol and a plant that transforms municipal sewage into fuel oil.


Since 1975, PPE has been involved with the research and development, design, construction, installation and operations of biodiesel facilities. We have developed a continuous and economically efficient multi-feedstock process.


PPE designs and builds a wide range of energy-generating facilities. Because of our in-house capabilities, we  can complete every project according to the client’s exact needs and specifications. Our expertise in modular design further reduces clients’ costs while maximizing safety, quality control, and project flexibility.

Oil, Gas, and Chemical

PPE has extensive experience in the design and construction of production equipment for all phases of Oil and Gas production operations.


We have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of refining equipment and the construction and operation of Crude Oil Refineries.

Renewable Fuels

PPE has extensive experience in the design and construction of Biofuels Refineries including Biodiesel and Ethanol.

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