•  Gas Processing and Treatment
  •  Gas Compression
  •  Petroleum Refining
  •  Chemical
  •  Industrial Facilities
  •  Energy and Resource Recovery
  •  Utilities and Off-sites


One  of our most valuable assets is our experienced staff of dedicated people. Comprised of Project Managers, Engineers, Designers and Support Personnel, their synergistic efforts routinely complete projects ahead of schedule and under budget. Our shop and field craftsmen are experienced and proficient in all phases of shop fabrication and field construction.  Our plant maintenance personnel adhere to the same high quality and proficiency.


Our scope of services range from the execution of techno-economic feasibility studies to the construction of grassroots turnkey plants, which are primarily modular in concept and construction. These services include:

Plant Process is a full service engineering, construction and offers technical support to the chemical process and energy producing industries. Our capabilities encompass the following process facilities:

  •  Energy Surveys and Audits
  •  Techno-economic Evaluations
  •  Conceptual Design
  •  Process Design
  •  Environmental Systems Engineering
  •  Detailed Engineering
  •  Procurement
  •  Shop Fabrication
  •  Field Construction
  •  Plant Start-Up and Operation
  •  Plant Personnel Training
  •  Project Management and Consultation
  •  Contract Maintenance
  •  Machine Shop Services
  •  Plant Maintenance
  •  Plant Turnarounds

Plant Process has extensive experience in grassroots plant construction utilizing modular techniques. This technique saves a great deal of time and money by reducing field construction to a minimum. From conceptual design to plant start-up, we're known throughout the industry for finishing ahead of schedule and under budget. Plant Process has experience in dismantling, refurbishing, modifying and re-erecting entire plants or units. The utilization of surplus refurbished equipment allows a new product to enter the market in half the time usually required. The end result is substantial savings.


Since 1975, Plant Process has provided engineering, construction and maintenance services to the production, refining, chemical processing and related industries. Major companies rely on our years of experience and engineering know-how to provide a spectrum of services from minor maintenance to the construction of entire plants.


Our location enhances our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of our clients worldwide. The convenient access to freeway, railroad, airport, seaport and close proximity to Houston enables this response.


Our commitment to controlled growth works to your advantage. We remain flexible and responsive to your needs. Put our experience to work for you!

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